Howland Stone Store Museum
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About the Museum

Slocum Howland, son of pioneer Benjamin Howland, built his cobblestone store in 1837 to serve local and regional commerce. The sturdy stone building in Sherwood, New York, suggested permanence and foresight. Sherwood became a center to exercise his Quaker belief in the equality of all. We know Howland participated in the Underground Railroad, using his extensive commercial connections to shelter freedom seekers and help them on their way.

Howland could hardly have imagined how the country would be torn by the Civil War in just 25 years or how his daughter Emily would continue the fight for equality well into the next century. Blessed with a long life, Emily worked tirelessly for African Americans’ and women’s rights until her death at nearly 102. From her home in Sherwood she became a nationally known leader in the women’s suffrage movement, a philanthropist, and an educator of women and African Americans.

Slocum’s granddaughter, Isabel, also a philanthropist, teacher and suffragist, rebuilt a house down the road and named it “Opendore,” reflecting her desire to open her home to the community. Together, Howland Stone Store and Opendore comprise the Howland Stone Store Museum. Both are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Sherwood itself, touched with Quaker history, a nerve center for equal rights with state and national connections, has been designated as the Sherwood Equal Rights Historic District. All twenty-eight designated properties tell stories of courageous and principled work in support of the basic American belief that all are created equal.

We invite you to Sherwood to hear them speak.



2956 State Route 34B

Sherwood, NY 13026



Saturday &

Sunday from 1-4 p.m.



Call: Guy Garnsey 315.345.3210 or

Marilyn Post 315.364.8158

Write: Box 124, Aurora, NY13026



Our Mission:

The Howland Stone Store Museum promotes an interest in, and appreciation of the cultural heritage of Southern Cayuga County, with particular interest in Sherwood and its environs, for the education and enjoyment of the public.

To accomplish its purposes, the organization shall

  • preserve and maintain historic sites and structures,

  • preserve and make available for study objects of material culture, and

  • sponsor and encourage programs and exhibitions reflecting the scope of its nationally significant collections related to abolition, women’s rights, and education.



NYS Office of Parks Recreation and Historic Preservation

  • NYS Rural Area Revitalization Program

  • Cayuga Community Fund

  • Osborne Foundation

  • Members and Friends


Museum Association of New York

  • American Alliance of Museums

  • National UGRR Network to Freedom

  • National Register of Historic Places

  • NYS UGRR Heritage Trail

I am glad to have lived 100 years. My life has been full of interest and still is. Since I reached the age of 70, I have had time to study as I wanted to. I intend to keep on studying, working and enjoying life.
— Emily Howland on her 100th birthday, 1927