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Howland Stone Store Museum
"1837 - A National Historic Landmark"

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Box 124, Aurora, NY 13026

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Howland Stone Store Museum
is a proud member of the

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Howland Stone Store Museum
is a site on the

NY State Office Of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation Underground Railroad Heritage Trail

Preserving the Howland Family Collections
Includes permanent and rotating exhibits

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Howland Stone Store Museum
2956 State Route 34B, Hamlet of Sherwood, NY
(View Map)
Hours:  June through September
from 1-4 pm.

More News There's Been Lots Of Action At Opendore.
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The Howland Stone Store Museum

Our name tells the story! In 1837 Slocum Howland built this store in Sherwood, a crossroads between Cayuga and Owasco Lakes to the west and east and Auburn and Ithaca to the north and south. Cayuga Lake gave it easy access to the Erie Canal. Our collection details the sale of local products such as wool and pork, and importation of manufactured products. The building is made of small stones called cobblestones which were picked up in local fields.

The Howland family was prominent in important reform movements throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century, particularly in the abolition of slavery, education and woman's suffrage. A prized Museum possession is an Underground Railroad pass brought by two slaves who escaped from Maryland and came to Slocum Howland (1794-1881) seeking freedom in 1840. Miss Emily (1827-1929) first taught in schools for free blacks in Washington, D.C. in 1857. In addition to building a school in Sherwood, she founded and financially supported fifty schools for the emancipated blacks, teaching in several of them.

Both Emily and her niece, Isabel (1859-1942), were active in the local, state and national woman's suffrage movements; we have posters and other memorabilia representing their efforts. A "Cabinet of Curiosities," collected by the Howlands on their travels, includes everything from Arabian jewelry to coral from Capri.

In 2008, we acquired Opendore, which was Isabel's home. We are working to renovate portions of it as an expanded part of our museum.

Sherwood, New York is  now listed on
The National Register of Historic Places

To view the 'Significance Statement' for the
NY Equal Rights Historic District
, click HERE (PDF File)

The 'Significance Statement' was compiled by:
Dr. Judith Wellman, Director
Historical New York Research Associates -
Professor Emerita, SUNY Oswego


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What's New At The Museum?
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Produced and sold our first Woman's Suffrage Calendar

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Have moved forward on the Opendore Project development, and anticipated that Phase One (removal of fallen structure, asbestos abatement, and stabilization of the North Wing) will be completed during 2013.
Gold Ball Received a $200,000 Rural Area Revitalization Grant from NYS Housing and Community Renewal

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Group Tours

If your club or group would like a special tour of the Howland Stone Store Museum (outside of regular hours), we would be happy to accommodate you.  Please contact us via the postal address or phone number listed on the front of our brochure.

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2013 Special Exhibit
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Suffrage Pioneers Visiting Sherwood
Learn about women such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Martha Coffin Wright, and Sojourner Truth, who visited Emily Howland in Sherwood, NY.

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rograms for 2013

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All programs and socials will take place at the museum except the June 14th play. Admission to the Howland Stone Store Museum and its programs is free, although donations are gratefully accepted.   Suggested donation to the play on June 14th is $5 per person.

May 19, 2013 7:00 p.m.
"The Formation of the Finger Lakes Region"
The geologic story of our region starts over 400 million years ago and continues today. Many stories are full of twists and turns, but this one relies on straight lines. Learn the story of our region to discover why we are surrounded by the beauty that attracts people from around the world. Presenter Josh Teeter works for NYS OPRAH as an Environmental Engineer.
The annual meeting of HSSM will be conducted prior to the program.
June 9, 2013   7:00 p.m.
"Emily Howland: Educator Par Excellence"
Emily Howland's career as an educator spanned a dynamic century in US history. Altho' active in many social reforms, she was especially interested in African-American education. That brought her into contact with prominent African Americans such as Booker T. Washington and Harriet Tubman. As a philanthropist, she shared the stage with the likes of Andrew Carnegie, Anna Jeanes and Julius Rosenwald. This talk will highlight the contributions of Emily Howland at a time when it was a struggle for African Americans to obtain the literacy needed to gain full participation in American life. Dr. Dan Schultz is Professor of Social Science at Cayuga Community College.

July 21, 2013   7:00 p.m.
"Gardens of our Greats----Grandparents, That Is."
What were the wonder plants of their time that are still loved or cursed today? Ornamental gardening became the new fad in the 1800's and is still in the forefront today. Come and learn what has stood the test of time. Debi Lampman is active in local and regional gardening activities and events.

August 11, 2013   7:00 p.m.
"Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation"
Research interests of presenter Michael Groth focus on slavery and the African-American experience; he has presented several papers and published articles on slavery and emancipation in New York. Groth is Professor of History and Farenthold Presidential Professor at Wells College, where he teaches multiple classes in US history.
September 22, 2013   7:00 p.m.
" The Forgotten Abolitionists: Political Antislavery in New York State, 1839-1856"
Although slavery in the United States was ended through political process, the nations moral-based reformers have received the lions share of historical attention. This talk highlights the lesser-known political abolitionists to demonstrate the ways in which these pragmatic reformers brought the issue of slavery to the regional stage. Presenter Linda Frank is on the faculty at Finger Lakes Community College, and is the county historian.
October 20, 2013   7:00 p.m.
"Misconception, Misrepresentation, and Ridicule: Lampooning & Cartooning in the 1850's"
NYS Park Ranger David Malone explores various cartoons from the 1850s and will explore how newspapers and journals used cartoons to either promote or (in most cases) ridicule political parties and social movements such as antislavery, immigration, and woman's rights.
November 17, 2013   4:00 pm
"Miss Emily's Birthday Party"
Join us for Miss Emily’s Birthday Party and for a short program: Growing up in a Quaker family in the mid 19th Century. Presenter Trudy Buxenbaum is our former museum curator and a member of the Friends Community in Poplar Ridge, NY.
How The Vote Was Won


Though donations are always gratefully accepted, entrance to the Stone Store Museum and its programs are free unless otherwise indicated.

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